FASTLANE SWIMMING was established is 2004 intended to give athlete’s access to the “EXTRA”. The EXTRA meaning the supplementary support and components offered through specialized Camps, Clinics, and Private Instruction critical for success. Swimming is our obsession.

Our objective is to “do it as many times as it takes to get it right”. We offer personal, small group programs to help swimmers achieve their highest swimming and athletic potential. Quality teaching is the cornerstone of our profession and our emphasis is on quality not quantity.

Fastlane provides athletes support and instruction in the areas of skill improvement, biomechanics, race strategies, and mental tactics for high performance swimming.   We have researched and designed programs to ensure our coaches prepare and implement effective instruction in the areas of skill and technical improvement.   Our programs are not intended to replace an athlete’s club program, but rather enhance their current training program by providing the EXTRA critical for succeed in our great sport.


To bridge the gap between potential and performance. Fastlane provides programs which teach and encourage our participants to truly understand competitive swimming fundamentals. Working with the most up to date innovations we strive for EXCELLENCE and fast, fun swimming.

We GUARANTEE if the instruction and tools for success offered within our programs are faithfully followed, participants will not only improve their skill but also increase their level of confidence resulting in improved performance.